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How FIFA can grow as an eSport
How FIFA can grow as an eSport | Cheap FIFA Coins For SaleFIFA is massive. One of the biggest games in the world, FIFA 15 is still in the UK top ten nearly seven months after it was released. At Gfinity 3 last summer, judging by the number of fans watching in the Copper Box stand, it was the second most popular game at the London eSports tournament. Yet, there's still this nagging feeling that it could be much bigger. Last year's FIFA Interactive World Cup took place in Rio in the same year as The World Cup, while this year's event will be held in Munich, but the winner will pocket $20,000. Not bad for playing a game of FIFA, you might think, but it's not in the same league as the $400,000 Denial picked up for winning the Call of Duty Championship in March. So, how can FIFA grow as an eSport? Surely a game based on the most popular sport in the world stands a chance, certainly in the UK. Well, Gfinity is getting right behind it. The FIFA Spring Masters II kicks off this weekend at the Gfinity Arena in London, the first to be played at the new venue. As Gfinity's Martin Wyatt told us, FIFA players now have regular tournaments to compete in. It's definitely a start, but there's a long way to go before FIFA stars start earning big money. To find out how FIFA can get even bigger, we asked YouTuber Curtis Morton and FIFA player RossiHD how the global game could be one of the world's great eSports.