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For a franchise many have long accused of never really changing-EA charged with rolling out much the same release year after year-FIFA isn't half doing a good job of retooling itself for the modern era.

Ultimate Team, like other recent FIFA games across a multitude of different formats, is no longer merely the play-with-your-mates-after-a-night-at-the-pub simulation that's sold millions for decades. Instead, it's now a package, a slick and sleek service, a fully rounded product that attempts to take the core appeal of the beautiful game and turn it into a genuine video game.

In this day and age that means going free-to-play, which is a process that's turned FIFA into something of a Pokemon style lottery. You buy packs of random players, you turn them over in dramatic fashion, and you attempt to piece together the 'ultimate team'. It's a process EA set in motion years ago and one that's proved especially popular on console because it combines an element of chance-buying packs full of players you can't see-with skill, with much resting on your ability to put together a squad that works on a team.

Does that make an okay a genuinely good game? Not really. FIFA 16: Ultimate Team is a process, and ultimately you'll get a better grasp of the beautiful game taking on a series like Score! than you will attempting to live out your footballing fantasies on FIFA's pitch. The Ultimate Team formula is already a proven one and if you're of a 'gotta catch em all' mentality, it's hard to argue that there isn't much here for you to enjoy, but as a simulation of a game of football, FIFA 16 is something of a non-event.

Ultimate Team is undoubtedly an addictive package, but as a simulator of the beautiful game, FIFA 16 feels like a game stuck in the mud, delivering a slightly loose take on play that hasn't progressed over the last few years. More effort needs to be spent on upping the on the pitch action in future releases rather than pushing Ultimate Team's card pack based play.